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ChordSpot is the world’s leading music production marketplace, helping musicians worldwide connect and hire top music pros so they can get to great-sounding release-ready songs.

With tens of thousands of top Singers, Producers, and Mixing & Mastering Engineers, including dozens of Grammy award winners, ChordSpot has the most comprehensive database of vetted music production pros for direct hire in the world, and a member community spanning over cities worldwide.

Musicians can find and securely hire the right pro based on speciality, budget, genre, credits, reviews and sound samples.

Want to work with Producer, Drummer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Bass player, Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer?

You can do that on ChordSpot

Music production pros can join thousands of others around the world getting work from ChordSpot.

Our mission is to democratize the last mile musicians needed democratizing while helping pros get work remotely. All while increasing transparency via verified reviews and helping the huge market of self-producing musicians securely connect with the right partners from anywhere in the world.

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